Facility Available

Technology Park

Technology park is a good extension tools for transfer of new agro techniques in district. Where farmers are visited time to time to know new agro techniques. Technology park is a good source for organizing employment generation programme (Rural Youth Training).


To conduct training and demonstration to farmers and unemployed rural youths a low cost polyhouse was established to raise the off season nursery of the vegetables which is sold to the farmers time to time.

Bio-Agent Production Lab.

This lab. established for production of bio-agents for farmers purpose. There is conducted rural youth programme also.

Mushroom Spawn Production Lab.

To train unemployed rural youths and to create diversification in agriculture in the district Mushroom demonstration and training unit was established at KVK. Button, dhingri and other mushroom production is demonstrated for the training to the farmers and youths of the district.

Soil Testing Lab.

In KVK soil testing lab diagnostic services such as soil, plant and water analysis facilities are made available for the farmers on nominal charges.


An IT infrastructure with internet and video conferencing facilities has been provided by ICAR for e-linkages between scientists and farmers.

Fishery unit

To conduct training and demonstration to farmers and unemployed rural youths a fish pond (0.247ha) was constructed. Three varieties of fish seed were stocked in the pond under composite fish culture. Regular monitoring of water quality parameter viz. dissolved oxygen, free CO2, alkalinity, pH etc was recorded. Growth and health o the fish being checked monthly and supplementary feeding is being also done regularly @3% body wt of fish stocked.